Core Class: Cover to Cover

The entire Bible tells one grand story, a story centered on Jesus. In this class, we'll explore the story of Scripture in nine words divided into three parts.

Bible Summary Chart
Part 1
Blake Jennings | January 20, 2019
Part 1 centers on CREATION, REVOLT, and PROMISE. We'll set the stage in Genesis for all that comes next.
Part 2
Blake Jennings | January 27, 2019
Part 2 looks at LAW, KING, and PROMISE. We'll see both the failures of Israel and the faithfulness of God as we fly from Exodus to Malachi.
Part 3
Blake Jennings | February 3, 2019
Part 3 explores JESUS, CHURCH, and SHALOM. We'll discover God's surprising solution to the problem of sin and our place in His grand story.

Core Class: The Bible

In times of uncertainty and confusion, where do we go for the answers we need? What sources can we trust? Who has the truth?

Join Teaching Pastor Blake Jennings for this 4-part online class that explores why we can confidently trust the Bible as our source of truth and anchor in uncertain times. The class will cover the theology of the Bible and practical ways to engage scripture for yourself. Discussion questions for groups and further individual study are included.

Week One
Blake Jennings | June 10, 2020
Week Two
Blake Jennings | June 17, 2020
Week Three
Blake Jennings | June 24, 2020
Week Four
Blake Jennings | July 1, 2020

Prime Conference: The Craft of Making Disciples

Todd Wagner
- Title -
The Craft of Making Disciples
- Keynote Speaker -
Todd Wagner, Senior Pastor at Watermark Church
- Description -

Making disciples is the primary purpose of every Christ-follower and every church. It's who we are and what we do! Todd Wagner's inspiring talk reminds us to not just go to church but be the church - a chosen people proclaiming the excellencies of Jesus who called us out of darkness into His marvelous light.

Prime Conference: Our Names Will Be Forgotten

Brian Fisher
- Title -
Our Names Will Be Forgotten
- Speaker -
Brian Fisher, Senior Pastor
- Description -

On this earth, our names will be forgotten. Legacy is not built upon names, but by people after us who replicate the gospel in others.

Prime Conference: The Disciple-Making Journey

Zack & Guff
- Title -
The Disciple-Making Journey
- Speakers -
Zack, Anderson Campus Pastor
Guff, Outreach Pastor
- Description -

God’s call to make disciples continues to be one of the preeminent commands and privileges that He left with those who follow him. Both simple and complex, it can be overwhelming to know where to start, what the overall goal is and how to help people join us as we mature in Christ. The Disciple-Making Journey is how Grace Bible Church lays out the answers to these questions in their simplest form: Selection, Portrait and Pathway. Whether you are just starting this journey or it is a well-worn path, this is the starting place to understand how you can be a part of the Great Commission alongside this renewed vision for our church.

Prime Conference: Disciple-Making in Motion

Chris & Nancy
- Title -
Disciple-Making in Motion
- Speakers -
Chris, Director of Mobilization
Nancy, Mobilization Coach
- Description -

Get into the practical day to day world of how discipleship is not about isolated encounters but inviting disciples into our whole lives.

Prime Conference: The Tools of a Disciple-Maker

Trey Corry
- Title -
The Tools of a Disciple-Maker
- Speaker -
Trey Corry, Southwood Campus Pastor
- Description -

Learn how to start building and wielding the tools of the craft to be sharpened by the word and by others as we embark on being a disciple-maker.

Prime Conference: Resources