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From cover to cover, the Bible clearly proclaims God’s heart for the nations. He declares that every knee shall bow (Romans 14:11) and He desires for His people to make His name known to the ends of the earth (Psalm 67). In 1963, Grace Bible Church began its commitment to the nations by sending out three families to share the Good News. For over 50 years, investing in making the name of Jesus known to the ends of the earth has been a pillar of Grace, one that is committed to helping people find and follow Jesus for a lifetime. At present, Grace supports over 300 people serving long-term among the nations, and sent more than 120 people on short term trips this year. These sent ones are day-to-day disciples who participate in his Great Commission and work toward the goal of making disciples of all nations. There are various ways we are all called to participate: go, send, pray, welcome, and mobilize. What part will you play?


Outreach Stats

  • Mobilization (those preparing to go on the field long-term): 15 

  • Big Giveaway 2022: 350 students served, 254 volunteers

Sending Stats

  • 2021-2022 Short-term trips: 120+ participants on 12 trips (congregation-wide: youth, college, adult, mobilization)

  • Supported long-term missionaries: 101 units = 300+ people, including kids

  • Money to support missions (2021-2022 budget): $731,000 + any special gifts

Vision for Short-Term trips

Short-term (7 days to 6-week trips) provide opportunities for participants to engage with the local community, learn about ministry strategies from the long-term team there, and ultimately gain a larger perspective on God's heart for the entire world. There are international and domestic trips throughout the year for youth and college students, families, professionals, and adults.

GOer Care

Grace views its GOers as employees and commits to caring for them from recruitment to retirement. Care opportunities include support through finances and prayer, an ongoing personal connection with a Grace ministry, Sunday morning group, or home group, and, as able, visits from Grace staff, elders, and congregants.

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