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Project 4X4

Project 4x4 will be a jumpstart toward our vision of stewarding our campus properties in a way that provides for years of ministry into the future.

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April 5-7 | Various Times

High School Retreat

High School Retreat is a weekend-long, in-town event on April 5-7! High School Retreat exists to help high school students reconnect with God and others. More details below.

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April 13 | 9 AM-12 PM

Youth Impact Pancake Breakfast

Youth Impact is a discipleship ministry, dedicated to reaching kids in 1st-12th grade from under-resourced communities in the B/CS area. More details below.

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Current Series — Romans
Audience — Main
Dates — August 27, 2023 - March 24, 2024
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Global Outreach

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International Students

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Our Mission

God's Word

We are a church that emphasizes the knowledge of, passion for, and obedience to God’s Word.

God's Grace

We are a church committed to the power of God’s grace to transform our lives as we abide in Jesus Christ and allow His Spirit to work in us.

God's People

We believe that college students are a strategically important constituency that God has placed before us. At the same time, we are a church that views mature adults/families as the foundation through whom we reach university students, our community and the nations.

God's World

We are a church sacrificially dedicated to world missions - this has remained true since its foundation in 1965, and is reflected in our staffing, our budget, and in the use of our facilities.

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