the process to

Become a member

All are welcome to worship with us at Grace. For those, however, who have trusted in Christ alone for the forgiveness of their sins, agree with the doctrinal position and values of our church, and who desire to make Grace Bible Church their home, we highly encourage church membership. Membership is a more formal commitment between a Christ-follower and a local church body where active participation and dedication to the Church's mission is expressed.

The membership process begins with attending a Discover Membership class, which is offered each semester. Before the class, we ask that you watch the series of short videos which walk you through our Doctrinal statement. To follow along, download our Discover Membership Book (link below). Note: you will receive a printed copy of our Discover Membership book in the class. 

We also ask that you download the Membership paperwork (link below), fill it out and bring it with you to the class. 

Upon completion of the class, there will be a new member interview with one of our Elders to answer any remaining questions. Then, followers of Jesus who have been baptized as believers, and who have completed the membership class and interview will be recommended for membership, and then accepted into membership.

Every Grace campus offers a Discover Membership class each semester. Visit our Events page to find out more information.


Download English Membership Paperwork Here
Download English Membership Book Here
Download Spanish Membership Paperwork Here
Download Spanish Membership Book Here



If you have any questions, contact: 

Grace B for the Anderson Campus class

Julie White for the Southwood Campus class   

Grace Bumguardner for the Creekside Campus class

Enoc Medina for the Midtown Campus class