At Grace, we want to love our neighbors as ourselves, just as Jesus has commanded us. The Big Giveaway is an opportunity to share Christ-like love by stewarding our blessings and engaging our international community well. Our hope is that the Big Giveaway is a catalyst for us to know our neighbors so that the nations may know Jesus. Below are instructions for both international students and volunteers.



Welcome! We are so glad you are here! Due to a large response, we have closed sign-ups for the Big Giveaway this year!  We are so excited to serve those who were able to get on our list, but if you missed the sign-up window we encourage you to connect with other community groups on our International page! They can also help welcome you as you transition to be a part of our community.  Check back on the International page throughout the semester for gatherings and cultural experiences with your fellow Aggies!


Here is how the Big Giveaway will work this year:

  1. Request items using our signup form.  If you have roommates, have each person fill out a separate form.  Due to limited inventory, we are giving one big item (like a bed, sofa, or desk) and a smaller item (like a blender, lamp, rice cooker, or plates) to each person, as available. 

  2. A volunteer will deliver items to your home between 9am and 12pm (Noon) on either Saturday, August 14 or Saturday, August 28.  Please have someone home to receive the items.  We will not leave items outside.  

Later in the fall, we will have other events for students to come to, like a football tailgate party!  Be looking in your email inbox for information from us in the future.  In the meantime, there are several groups in the community that are also looking to welcome international students to our area.  See here for more information on these groups!



Thank you for your interest in welcoming our new international friends by helping them establish their new home among our community! These events rely heavily on volunteers; if interested in helping, please click here to volunteer for any/all of these events (listed below)! More information on these events can be found on the volunteer sign up.


BIG UPDATE (Aug 12):  With the evolving needs of international students, we are shifting the operations of the Big Giveaway from a “come and get furniture” event to a “sign up and we will deliver” event.  The Big Giveaway will not be held at our Anderson campus, but rather out of our storage units at Morningstar Storage: 10099 SH 30, College Station, TX near Central Church.


We need volunteers to deliver household and furniture items from our storage units to two students on Saturday, August 28. 

For ease and efficiency at our storage units, we are staggering arrival times of volunteers based on vehicle type.  Please arrive at Morningstar Storage (10099 Hwy 30, CS) in this order:

  • 8:00 am - cars
  • 8:15 am - trucks and trailers. Note: bring your own tie downs!
  • 9:00 am - SUV's
  • 9:30 am - minivans

DONATIONS: Based on an abundance of items and the evolving needs of students, we are limiting what items we are receiving to the following. A majority of students are specifically requesting the following: 

  • Desks (small) and desk chairs

  • Blenders

  • Microwaves

  • Lamps (table and floor)

  • Sandwich grill

  • Beds (no King or bunks)

  • Sofa (no sleepers)

New or new-ish items are always preferred; this is like a housewarming party for our students, and we want to welcome them well with high-quality items! If you have one of the above small items you can drop it off at our Anderson office (700 Anderson Street) by Thursday, August 26. If you have a larger item, email us and we will connect with you on next steps! Thank you so much for your willingness to welcome new International students!

*If you have items not listed above and question if they would be needed or accepted as a donation, please email


RECEIVING TIMES:  We have completed all of our summer receiving times.  If you have items from the above Donations list, please email the Big Giveaway team and we will work to have a time for you to bring your items to our storage units.  Please do NOT bring items to our church campuses.

We do not have the capacity to pick up items.  If you are unable to deliver donation items to our storage, we are happy to recommend several of our community partners that do scheduled pickups