Project 4x4

4 Campuses  4 Projects

What is Project 4x4?

Project 4x4 will be a jumpstart toward our vision of stewarding our campus properties in a way that provides for years of ministry into the future. This Spring there are some projects we’d like to get started on, and by faith we’re asking the congregation to help us raise the necessary funds within 4 months. If you have the ability and desire to contribute beyond your regular giving, please donate to Project 4x4.

  • We are aiming to raise $1M.
  • This is a church-wide initiative, not one that will be tracked by campus.
  • We are committed to seeing these projects through, but not at the expense of our general operating budget.

Progress Update

Anderson Campus
Current Benchmark Met: $100K
Goal: $1M

Where are we right now in the life of our church?

For nearly 60 years Grace Bible Church has served our community and shared the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Tens of thousands of college students have heard and had their lives transformed by God’s grace alongside thousands of families who call Bryan/College Station their home. Today, we have 4 campuses strategically located throughout our area, enabling us to have a bigger impact on disciple-making than ever before.

What challenges do we face?

The growth we’ve experienced has been driven both by our vision, and by the opportunities God has placed before us. As a university-family church, we’ve aimed to be as efficient as possible in how we operate as an organization, while maximizing our potential for ministry. Adding 3 campuses in the past 15 years has stretched our resources, and we feel the most faithful form of stewardship includes a more intentional focus on the longevity and usability of the properties we own.

Anderson Project

$300k for Worship Center updates (infrastructure for the lighting and sound systems are both failing). We have already set aside $350k for this project and have architectural plans in place. The entire project will cost $650k.

Southwood Project

$400k to repair the front portion of the parking lot and resolve some of the current drainage issues.

Midtown Project

$100k for Worship Center updates that will extend multi-use functionality of this space by protecting Sunday Morning equipment.

Creekside Project

$200k for the outdoor multi-use area and initial architect fees for the $2.4M expansion of the Education Wing.


How will the money be distributed?

Projects are listed in order based on urgency (AND, SW, MT, then CRK) and will begin as contributions are received.

What if we raise less than $1M?

All projects will be executed as funds are received in the order prioritized above. We remain committed to these projects, but will have to delay implementation until funds are received.

What if we raise more than $1M?

Funds in excess of the $1M goal will go toward Phase 2 of the Creekside Education wing.

What is our long-term solution for addressing costs of aging facilities and facility upgrades?

In upcoming budget cycles, we will steadily increase the amount we designate in our general fund toward upgrading and maintaining facilities. We hope to eventually add $1M annually.

How do I get involved?

We invite you to participate in Project 4x4 through giving. Click below to give by credit card. If you prefer to write a check, add 'Project 4x4' in the memo line'.

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