Giving FAQ

Thank you for partnering with us! Your generosity directly supports the local and global ministries of Grace Bible Church. Together, we're helping people find and follow Jesus.

1.Do I have to create a login and password in order to give to Grace?

We strongly suggest that you create a login and password, especially if you are setting up a recurring gift. Creating a login and password is the only way you can get back to your account and cancel a recurring gift. But, no, you are not required to create a login.

  Create Login  


2.How can I make changes to my monthly Electronic Funds Transfer that I set up years ago?

This is set up through the Finance Office at Grace, not online through our website. Therefore, please email with your changes or cancellations.


3.How can I make changes (cc#, exp date, amount, end date) to my recurring pledge online?

Because we do not store your credit card information online, we cannot change a recurring gift directly.

1) First login into your account to view your "My Giving" page.

  My Giving  

2) Then find the recurring gift you want to change and click "Cancel Gift". (If your recurring gift has ended, you will not see this box. It will only show "My Gifts".)

3) After you click "Cancel Gift", click the checkbox that says you undersatand the consequences of canceling a gift. Then click on "Cancel This Recurring Gift". Now you can simply create a new recuring gift with the updated information (Scroll to the top of the page and click "Create New Gift").

If you have any problems with this process, please contact


4.What should I do if I can't remember my password?

First, try the "Forgot Password Tool" here:


If the "Forgot Password Tool" does not help to resolve the problem, please email


5.What are the ways to give to Grace?

*Online one time gifts by credit card or electronic check.

*Online recurring gifts by credit card or electronic check.

*Check mailed or dropped off to the church office (700 Anderson, College Station, TX 77840)

*Check or cash in the offering plate on Sundays.

*Non-cash gifts – contact or 979-693-2911 x227


6.How can I get my Contribution Statement?

Log in to the Grace website, or create a login if you don't already have one. Once you see your information, you can click on My Contribution Statment on the right hand side of the screen to view your information or click on My Contribution Statement below:

  My Contribution Statement   

*The finance department sends End of Year statements by email in mid-January; now is a good time to log in to your account and check that we have your correct email address listed.

*You can email or call the finance department and we will email you a statement upon your request. or  979-693-2911 x247


7.What should I do if I see errors on my Contribution Statement?

Please contact the finance department and we will correct it for you.

  Contact Us   or 979-693-2911 x247

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