Creative Team

Grace Creative Team ministers to an intergenerational congregation of worshippers through music and creative arts. As a staff, we don't see our volunteers as a mere means to the end of creating great content or experiences but as disciple-makers who we invest in all week long. As part of a University/Family church, we recognize and cherish the unique opportunity to invest in the spiritual formation of college students. Join us as we seek to create opportunities for people to encounter God through the arts. We are here to help people find and follow Jesus.


We help people engage with God in lifelong worship. See how you can get involved, below!

Production + Media

We are a community of creatives serving the Church and proclaiming the Word of God through high-quality media and experiences. Our photographers, designers, writers, videographers help facilitate a worshipful environment for the congregation of Grace Bible Church.

Meet the team

Creative Team Staff

Email Amber
Amber Roberts

Creative Team Director

Email Corby
Corby LaCroix

Worship Minister Anderson

Email Trey
Trey Jordan

Worship Minister Southwood

Email Samua
Samua Calderon

Worship Minister Midtown

Email Jake
Jake Maresh

Worship Leader Creekside

Email Joshua
Joshua McKenna

Executive Production Manager

Email Kase
Kase Griswold

Production Manager Anderson

Email Elliot
Elliot Matson

Production Manager Creekside

Email JT
JT Goldman

Production Manager Midtown

Email Maggie
Maggie Moetteli

Communications Manager

Email Dani
Dani Kazlow

Communications Manager

Email Ryan
Ryan Wilson

Production Technician

Email Bailee
Bailee Maresh

Graphic Designer

Email Thomas
Thomas De La Garza

Visual Media Technician

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