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Grace 56

Grace 56 is a ministry designed to be a bridge between elementary and youth. We believe that caring for this distinct age group is so important. Our values are love + grow + serve + share. We want our 5th and 6th graders (56ers) to love Jesus more every day. We desire to see our 56ers grow in their understanding of the Bible by discovering core truths and living them out. We hope that 56ers will see the value of service to those around them. And last but not least, our goal is that Grace 56 would be an outward-focused ministry that challenges our 56ers to share what they are learning with those around them.

Sunday Mornings

Anderson Grace 56:
Creekside Grace 56 :
Southwood Grace 56:

Small Groups

Small groups are the heartbeat of Grace 56. Each small group is a place where 56ers can have open discussions about life using the Bible as their foundation.

Free Time

FUN is an important component for ministry in Grace 56. Free time involves 4-square and time to hang out with friends and leaders.


Each campus has a Grace 56 worship leader who leads a live worship time.

Big Group

Every week a leader kicks off the lesson with a 3-5 minute teaching point that prepares 56ers for small group discussions.

Meet the team

5th & 6th Staff

Email Grace
Grace Mears

Children's Coordinator Anderson

Email Julie
Julie Dickerson

Children's Coordinator Southwood

Email Sarah
Sarah Swanson

Children's Coordinator Creekside

Email Kaylah
Kaylah Kennard

Children's Coordinator Midtown

Email Nicki
Nicki Phillips

Facilities Administrator & Receptionist Anderson

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Mary Weatherall

Facilities Administrator & Receptionist Southwood

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Karyleigh Siess

Children's, Youth, & College Administrator Creekside