God Sees in the Dark

ReDiscovered Word

(Joshua 7)

There is no private sin. Even when you turn off the lights, God sees. Even when you’re in the dark, people suffer.

Just like you and me, Achan tried to hide his sin. He buried his stolen loot in the ground beneath his tent. It was a perfect plan, one that nobody could possibly discover. Only his family knew, and they weren’t talking.

But God saw Achan’s sin, and the whole nation suffered for it. They were defeated at the battle of Ai, and God told Joshua that one of his countrymen was a thief. Achan died for his sin, and his family died for the cover-up. When God knows your heart, there’s nowhere you can hide.

We still try to hide, though. We are so afraid that our sin will be found out that we turn off the lights and pretend nobody knows. We lie to ourselves, saying that private sin doesn’t harm anybody else.

What’s a little private greed or lust or theft? We convince ourselves that our selfishness and pride and dishonesty doesn’t affect the way we treat others.

The lie of Achan is that image is everything. But image without character is just a mirage.

God cares about our hearts. God sees deep inside of us and knows who we really are. He hates all sin, but he especially despises lies and deceit. So He exposes secret sin and punishes it.

He always gives us a chance to confess, though. It’s always better to bring our own sin into the light instead of waiting for God to drag us there. Just like Achan, we have every opportunity to confess. Achan chose to die in his sin. Will you and I do the same?

The God of justice and mercy sees all and knows all. Every sin will eventually come to light, along with every secret thought. We cannot hide because God has already found us out. And He provided a path to mercy and forgiveness through the death and resurrection of Jesus.

So come into the light. Hiding leads to death. Confession leads to mercy.

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