The new Creekside facility will not only provide a permanent home for our Creekside Campus but with increased space for worship and ministry, this location will become a base of operations to serve our neighbors and to send disciple-makers into the world. Keep up to date with the Creekside building project progress here.

This campus is a part of a larger initiative for Grace Bible Church which you can learn more about at

Creekside Update 9

Posted on July 2nd, 2019

1. Along with some rain-free weather, we've made great progress!  
2. All parking lots have now been poured which allows various trades easier access to the building site as construction progresses.
3. Texas Steel is onsite erecting the steel frame of the building.   
4. The concrete crews will be back onsite on July 8 to complete the remaining foundations. If we aren't hampered by rain, we will have the foundation complete by July 19.
5. All underground electrical conduit from the site to William D. Fitch is completed. Once we have the boring machine to bore under Fitch, we will have power onsite.  

Creekside Update 8

Posted on May 24th, 2019

1. We’ve made some progress despite the persistent rain.  
2. Three parking lots are now poured, dried and usable. Parking lot #4 will be poured behind the church buildings location on May 22-23.
3. On May 21-22 we were finally able to take possession of all the steel materials that will be used to frame the buildings. That framing should begin in July.
4. On May 22-25 we will start the final preparation for the first of 7 sections of slab that will comprise the offices, worship center, kitchen/coffee areas and the 2-story educational wing.
5. On May 28, we should pour the office slab (section #1) and then each remaining section every 4-5 days.
6. The property has been secured with 2 gates and an intact barbwire fence. Please remember that this is an active construction site and all “on site” activity needs to be cleared by the General Contractor.
7. The picture that we are using with this update was taken before the 3rd parking lot (the one by the oil pad), but it includes an overlay of the space plan for the entire building. Enjoy!


Creekside Update 7

Posted on March 20th, 2019

1. We’ve made some good progress despite the persistent rain.  
2. Two parking lots are now poured, dried and usable.  
3. Keys & Walsh set their trailer on Parking Lot #1 we’re having our builder/architect/church meetings on site now.  
4. The parking lots also provide much-needed hard surface to store steel and other items that will be used in the next phase or two.  
5. We are nearing the end of drilling 200+ piers that will help support the foundation for the buildings. (the aerial video shows these carefully arranged piers and captures some actual drilling as well!)
6. Things to look for:  4/15 (concrete slab for buildings) and mid-to-late May (steel construction)!!

Creekside Update 6

Posted on January 28th, 2019

What a week we just had at the CRK build site! We finally had good weather and were able to make a lot of progress.

Here’s all that happened:
1. We poured the concrete for the first parking lot. This was crucial as we desperately needed a hard surface to store heavy materials and locate an office for the general contractor.
2. We continued to shape the rest of the property toward final grade.
3. We removed and replaced approximately 4000 cubic yards of dirt where the Worship Center will be. The rains had so deteriorated the original soil that this became a necessity.
4. We installed an additional 3500 cubic yards of fill dirt over the rest of the property.
5. We took delivery of all sorts of underground pipes so that we can begin installing the drainage system.

Look closely as the picture we’ve provided with this update.  How many different vehicles do you see on the property?


Creekside Update 5

Posted on December 19th, 2018

Progress has been slow due to the heavy rains, but now the entire site has been cleared. Parking lots are being formed and the building site will be shaped during the last half of December and into January. One of the results of the heavy rain that we have encountered is the deterioration of soil content where the Worship area will be as well as the eastern side of the Education Building. As a result, we will need to remove the poor soil and replace with top grade fill dirt. Lastly, the first concrete parking lot should be finished by the end of January. That area is very important as we need a hard surface to provide safe parking as well as house building materials, heavy equipment, and the office for the general contractor.

Creekside Update 4

Posted on October 25th, 2018

We are excited to announce the clearing process is nearly complete! However, we want to update you with several setbacks:

  1. In response to our request for a development permit, unexpectedly, the City is requiring the Corps of Engineers to concur with the previous findings of the environmental engineer/consultant that the creek is a non-jurisdictional waterway. The Corps typically takes 30 days to visit and rule. We’ve appealed to the Corps for faster service but still waiting. We’ve appealed to the City for a “partial” permit that would allow us to do the initial site work for sanitary, sewer and storm. The partial permit was granted. 
  2. Parking Lot 1. The plan calls for an initial parking lot to be poured to house construction offices, storage units, and equipment. However, part of the parking lot is next to the creek and we are not yet allowed to regrade any area around the creek until we get approval from the Corps of Engineers.
  3. Rain. The site is draining well, but consistent rain is causing delays.


Creekside Update 3

Posted on September 21st, 2018

Here’s what to expect over the next 2-3 weeks:

  1. Survey building and boundary corners so we know exactly what to clear. We will have equipment onsite immediately upon getting the staking done and then will clear the existing trees very quickly. The burn ban has been lifted so we will burn onsite. This will be done in accordance with the Fire Marshal of CS and their standards.
  2. We will get the entrance installed which includes irrigation modifications/repair/etc, gravel entrance in accordance with the City of CS….with some sort of gate entrance.
  3. Per Storm Water Prevention Plan policy, we will begin installing silt fence and other required items necessary to prevent storm water from running on to other properties, roads, etc.

Creekside Update 2

Posted on August 31st, 2018

GBC Meets with Williams Creek HOA

Grace Bible Church (GBC) was pleased to host a dessert for the Williams Creek Homeowners Association (HOA) on Monday, August 20, 2018.  About 50 people were present, approximately 25 from each organization. The purpose of the meeting was to clarify GBC’s plan for the property and address any concerns that the HOA might present. Mike Gentry, vice-chairman of the GBC elder board, welcomed those in attendance and reviewed the history of and plan for the GBC property located near the entrance of the Williams Creek subdivision. Mike then addressed the concerns and questions that had been pre-submitted by Kristen Cox, President of the HOA. The issues ranged from traffic control on both Fitch and the entrances/exits from the property, lighting, noise, landscaping, mid-week use, pigs, etc. GBC expressed its clear desire to be a good neighbor and be responsive to any questions from the HOA. The members of the HOA and Williams Creek residents were very cordial but understandably curious about how GBC would impact their neighborhood.

Construction Update

HH Architects and Keys and Walsh Construction are in the final stages of the planning and bidding portion of the project. We expect the site work to begin in mid-to late-September 2018. This portion of the project will include tree/brush clearance, site leveling and initial preparation for the foundation. More to come!

Creekside Update 1

Posted on July 10th, 2018

It has been almost three years since the Creekside Campus launched at Pebble Creek Elementary and we are excited to provide you with our first official update on the Creekside building project. We are confident that the new Creekside facility will not only provide a permanent home for our Creekside Campus, but with increased spaces for worship and ministry this location will become a base of operations to serve our neighbors and send disciple-makers into the world.

The overall building project will have two phases. The first phase (Rough Grading) should begin in late August 2018 and is designed to prepare a large area for the construction of parking lots and buildings. Rough Grading should last 3-4 weeks. The second phase (Construction) is scheduled to commence in late September/early October (depends on City permitting schedules) and should last approximately fourteen months, unless unusually bad weather hampers the project. So, by late 2019 or spring 2020 we hope for our Creekside congregation to be worshiping in a 600-seat venue with brand new Children, Youth, and College classrooms capable of handling the explosive growth that we are seeing in South College Station.

Below is an aerial view of the site plan. It shows a completed view of what the Creekside facility will look like after all phases of construction have been completed as well as the facility's proximity to an existing oil field and the William’s Creek subdivision. The entrances to Grace Bible Church Creekside will be located on Williams Creek Drive, approximately .3 of a mile southeast of the corner of William D. Fitch Parkway and Williams Creek Drive. Stay tuned for more updates!

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