When Saints and Heroes Gathered

I sat among saints and heroes. Few of them looked extraordinary, and none of them were famous.

If you knew them, though, you’d see what I saw.

I saw a man whose family has been riddled with tragedy lately, who has seen more than one family member taken by death. He smiled...

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Spiritual Amnesia is a Killer

ReDiscovered Word

(Numbers 14-15)

How easily we forget what God has done. How easily we forget His power.

While the children of Israel were camped on the border of the Promised Land, the twelve spies described the land’s beauty and fruitfulness. Then they described its i...

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When Nobody Knows Your Name

ReDiscovered Word

(Psalm 139)

Sometimes it seems nobody knows your name.

We all want to be known. We want to be loved and included.

Sometimes, though, the popular kids make no room at their table. Sometimes, that new friend doesn’t text back. Sometimes, we’re excluded fr...

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The Law is Good but We Are Not

ReDiscovered Word

(Exodus 19-40, Leviticus)

Even though they could not obey it, the Law was good. God’s commands, God’s character, and God’s presence are always good. The problem was not the Law, but the people.

Moses ascended Sinai amidst the smoke and fire of God’s pres...

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Weeping As Jesus Wept

ReDiscovered Word

(John 11)

When Jesus saw Mary’s tears, He was angry. His indignation was not directed at her, but at death itself, that terrible thief who had stolen Lazarus away far too soon.

He burst into tears and wept, because death destroys what God creates. Jesus...

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Global Outreach

New App Launched!

We are pleased to announce that the new app for Grace Bible Church has launched! If you had the old app,  iPhone users have been automatically switched over, and Android users will need to re-download the app. This is due to the difference in store policies with Google and A...

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The First Commandment is the Hardest

ReDiscovered Word

(Exodus 20)

The First Commandment is the hardest.

“You shall have no other gods before me,” He told them. Even then, God knew they would choose other gods. Under every tree on on every hill, they would build their images and bow down to gods they could...

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The God Who Never Sleeps

ReDiscovered Word

(Exodus 1-14)

Never mistake God’s silence for indifference. He is patient, but He never sleeps.

For 400 years, Jacob’s children felt the whip on their backs. They lived under a cloud of fear and oppression, slaves in a land far away from the home God pr...

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