Weeping As Jesus Wept

ReDiscovered Word (John 11) When Jesus saw Mary’s tears, He was angry. His indignation was not directed at her, but at death itself, that terrible thief who had stolen Lazarus away far too soon. He burst into tears and wept, because death destroys what God creates. Jesus...

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Global Outreach

New App Launched!

We are pleased to announce that the new app for Grace Bible Church has launched! If you had the old app,  iPhone users have been automatically switched over, and Android users will need to re-download the app. This is due to the difference in store policies with Google and A...

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The First Commandment is the Hardest

ReDiscovered Word (Exodus 20) The First Commandment is the hardest. “You shall have no other gods before me,” He told them. Even then, God knew they would choose other gods. Under every tree on on every hill, they would build their images and bow down to gods they could...

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The God Who Never Sleeps

ReDiscovered Word (Exodus 1-14) Never mistake God’s silence for indifference. He is patient, but He never sleeps. For 400 years, Jacob’s children felt the whip on their backs. They lived under a cloud of fear and oppression, slaves in a land far away from the home God pr...

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Forgiveness is Costly

ReDiscovered Word (Genesis 37-50) Forgiveness is rarely easy, and it’s always costly. When Joseph saw his brothers again, after twenty years in Egypt, he felt the pain of their betrayal all over again. To those who knew him, it looked like he had transcended the dysfuncti...

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Wrestling the Relentless God

ReDiscovered Word (Genesis 32) When it comes to transforming His people, God is relentless. You might be the type of person who only learns through hard experience. Maybe you were that kid who just had to try all the vices your parents warned you about. You’ve learned th...

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God Provides the Lamb

ReDiscovered Word (Genesis 22-27) (This is the second post about Abraham and Isaac. The first one is here, if you missed it). When Isaac heard the ram bleating, he knew he was saved. He climbed down from the altar, and the sheep took his place. Abraham had promised that G...

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Stars and Sacrifice

ReDiscovered Word (Genesis 12, 15, 22, Hebrews 11:8-20) (Note: This is the first of two posts about Abraham and Isaac. I’ll publish the second one next week, and you’ll want to read them both in order to get the whole picture). He had to kill the boy. It would be next in...

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We have changed our Database Managment System. If you previously had a myGrace username and password before May 1st 2014 it will most likely NOT work. Please click "Login to myGrace" for further instructions. 


Anderson Campus

Anderson meets at 9:15am and 11am every Sunday morning.  The college class meets Sundays at 11am and 7pm. Located at 700 Anderson St, College Station 77840
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Southwood meets at 9:15am and 11am every Sunday morning.  The college class meets Sundays at 11am. Located at 1901 Harvey Mitchell Pkwy, College Station 77840
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