An Interview With Riot Studios

The new film Believe Me tells the story of four recent college grads who jump on the Christian preaching circuit in order to make some quick cash. The problem? They don’t really believe anything they’re saying. At the heart of the film are questions about the integrity of ou...

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College Ministry

What You Trust Is What You Worship

ReDiscovered Word 13

(Judges 1-2)

What brings you peace? What makes you feel secure?

Is it your home or your health or your family or your job? What would you say is the focus of your life and the center of your thoughts?

Because what you trust is what you worship.


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You Are Not Past Your Prime

ReDiscovered Word

(Joshua 14-15)

If you think you’re past your prime, you need to meet Caleb. Caleb knew what many do not, that your work isn’t finished until God says you’re done.

When he was young, Caleb had the guts to trust God. When he was old, he had the strength to...

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A Sickness Worse Than Ebola

For the past two weeks, my Facebook feed has been littered with updates about the Ebola virus. Some people are afraid it’s going to spread, while others are saying it won’t. Some are saying the government isn’t protecting us well enough, and a few are just cracking clever Eb...

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God Sees in the Dark

ReDiscovered Word

(Joshua 7)

There is no private sin. Even when you turn off the lights, God sees. Even when you’re in the dark, people suffer.

Just like you and me, Achan tried to hide his sin. He buried his stolen loot in the ground beneath his tent. It was a perfect pl...

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And The Walls Came Tumbling Down

ReDiscovered Word

(Joshua 6; 1 Corinthians 1-2)

Walking in circles never accomplishes much. It will make you dizzy, but it won’t make you successful.

That’s the conventional wisdom, and it sounds like good advice. “God helps those who help themselves,” we say, and all too...

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When Saints and Heroes Gathered

I sat among saints and heroes. Few of them looked extraordinary, and none of them were famous.

If you knew them, though, you’d see what I saw.

I saw a man whose family has been riddled with tragedy lately, who has seen more than one family member taken by death. He smiled...

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Spiritual Amnesia is a Killer

ReDiscovered Word

(Numbers 14-15)

How easily we forget what God has done. How easily we forget His power.

While the children of Israel were camped on the border of the Promised Land, the twelve spies described the land’s beauty and fruitfulness. Then they described its i...

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