When Nobody Knows Your Name

ReDiscovered Word

(Psalm 139)

Sometimes it seems nobody knows your name.

We all want to be known. We want to be loved and included.

Sometimes, though, the popular kids make no room at their table. Sometimes, that new friend doesn’t text back. Sometimes, we’re excluded from the party, but we still see the pictures of it on Facebook.

The pain of exclusion drives people to do strange things, even crazy things. Some of us clamor for attention. We try to hog the spotlight by being funny or shocking or talented or good-looking.

Some of us try to attach ourselves to important people, to celebrities or leaders. Some of us simply withdraw from the world, returning rejection for rejection.

We’re made to be known, and it hurts badly to be forgotten. And we don’t always know what to do with the hurt.

Remember this: When nobody else knows you, there is One who does. The One who made you knows your name and never forgets.

God fashioned you in secret, long before you were aware. He gave you life and breath and a heart that desires to know and to be known.

And He knows how you feel in those dark moments when you feel left out and you wonder if you’re even worth knowing. When the cool kids shove you away from the popular table, He pulls up a chair at yours. When your texts are ignored, His Spirit calls out that He loves you. Do you hear Him? Are you listening?

You are never unknown. You are never forgotten. The One who made you knows your name. He knows every thought, every desire, every hurt, and He loves you anyway.

He’s not waiting for you to impress Him. He’s not hoping you’ll be cooler tomorrow than you are today. He doesn’t judge your value by how many famous contacts are in your phone or how polished you are at parties.

He loves you because He loves you. And He already knows you perfectly. He’s telling you right now that you’re His child. He will always include you and always remember you and always care for you.

Do you hear Him? Are you listening?

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