Of Oak Trees, Genetics, and Worship

What inspires you to worship God? What sight, experience, sound, or word so moves your heart that you cannot help but turn to the Lord in worship? While songs, Psalms, and Texas sunsets often move me to worship, nothing inspires me quite like oak trees! I find in God's creation of oaks the greatest motivation to worship Him as Architect and Creator of life.

In my humble opinion, few things are as captivatingly beautiful as a century-old live oak. But it's not just the beauty of oak trees that arrests me. It's their variability. Think about it. There are likely hundreds of millions of live oak trees on this planet and all of them are absolutely, utterly unique. They all share the common traits of a live oak, and yet not one copies another. Human designers and engineers (of which I used to be numbered) at our very best can create things that are elegant, sleek, functional, beautiful... and then produce a million of them. Exact copies. But that would have been too easy for the Divine designer. One perfect oak tree duplicated 100 million times would grow boring. So God endowed His creation with something truly miraculous: genetic diversity. All oak trees share common genetic traits that make them each an oak, and yet the genetics of every oak vary so that no two are identical. Each is an oak and yet each and every oak displays the stunning beauty of God's "oak" design in a unique way. The shape of the canopy, the texture of the bark, the path of the limbs as they climb ever higher - every tree presents a new opportunity for the worshipful observer to behold the perfection of God's design.

And as if that weren't enough, within this miracle of genetic diversity, God endowed His beloved oak tree (yes, I believe God loves His trees - He did fill His Garden with them, after all!) with the ability to adapt and adjust to changing environments and conditions. Weaker genetic variations naturally die off, strengthening the genetic pool of the species. New, stronger adaptations become dominant through survival of the fittest, perhaps the most astoundingly brilliant feature God designed into His Creation. Variation and diversity create ever-improving stock so that future generations of humanity can behold even greater beauty in the trees of tomorrow.

Throughout Creation, from oak trees to tropical fish, from mountain peeks to sunsets, God's limitless creativity is on constant display. Where one bright-colored tropical fish would have sufficed, God designs thousands of species from which come billions of unique, ever-improving examples. As artists go, God will suffer no rival! In His limitless, unparalleled creativity, we find innumerable opportunities to worship Him... if we will only pause long enough to SEE.

As this is a particularly dear subject to me, I’d love to hear other examples from you of God’s unmatched creativity on display in Creation. Head over to my blog if you'd like to contribute:

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