Young Adults

Grace Young Adults exists to create an authentic community that encourages young single adults in the Brazos Valley to move into the family of God and onto maturity in Christ.


The Young Adults ministry at Grace seeks to impact the world by equipping singles in their 20s and 30s with a deeper understanding of how the Word of God and a relationship with Christ can change our lives.  Understanding that inspires a heart for service and authentic fellowship with one another, our church and the community. Some of us are seasoned professionals, some are in graduate school, and others are just beginning careers (undergrads please check out our college ministry).

We gather for Bible study, coffee, movie nights, Junction (Thursday night young adults gathering), snow cones, costume parties, dance lessons, sports watching parties, day trips, retreats and more in order to deepen friendships and begin new ones. We serve together at the The Big Giveaway and Country Fair, give to Operation Christmas Child, support missions, and help with other volunteer projects.

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Sunday Mornings with GYA

Anderson Campus

9:15 a.m. - Sit together at the 9:15 a.m. Worship Service in the front center left few rows, then join the Berkeys for an early lunch out to discuss the sermon and have fellowship together.
Contact: Tod Berkey

Southwood Campus

11 a.m. Sunday School class in the Portable Building behind the Education Wing
(walk over after the worship service ends around 10:40 a.m. for fellowship before the teaching)
Contact: Tod Berkey


Upcoming Events

Our fabulous GYA Leadership Team has planned out some wonderful events so look below for what's coming up!



City-Wide Photo Scavenger Hunt - CANCELLED/POSTPONED until April 7!!
Saturday, Feb. 24, 5-8 p.m., Grace's Anderson Campus Gym: 701 Anderson Street, CS, TX 77840

Have an evening to remember running around town trying to beat the other teams in our first city-wide GYA photo scavenger hunt!  Tod Berkey will be creating the photo list so you know it'll be epic.  We'll begin and end at the Grace Anderson campus gym and enjoy a pizza dinner together after the competition!  Teams will be formed upon arrival (or you can come with a team of four).  Email Erin for more info.


Monday, March 5, 6 p.m., Location TBA

It's almost time for Monday sand volleyball to restart!  Until then, come on out for our monthly special sport--kickball!  Relive your elementary school days by playing kickball with other GYA folks. Email Erin for more info.


GYA Summer Mission Trip
June 9-15, 2018 to El Salvador

YOU are invited to join Team Berkey on a Grace Young Adults mission trip to El Salvador from June 9-15, 2018!  We will be serving with SHIP (Shelter the Homeless International) by doing a variety of possible duties--construction, community outreach, Vacation Bible School, visiting schools, playing sports, leading adult Bible study, sharing testimonies and more.  No mission trip experience is required--just a heart to serve God and others!  Financial (support raising) and spiritual (sharing the Gospel) training will be provided to the team before the trip (mandatory meeting March 3).  The cost is $1500 per person and includes air fare, lodging, food and supplies.

Applications and a $250 deposit are due by Feb. 26!  We can only take about 20 people so if you're interested, please find the application here.  Please print out the short Grace Bible Church form and hand write the info; fill out the SHIP application on a computer (no handwritten applications),print it, and then return both printed copies to Tod or Erin Berkey. They will get the applications to SHIP once our team is formed.  For more info email Erin!



Feb 24 - Photo Scavenger Hunt (evening) - CANCELLED BECAUSE OF WEATHER!
Mar 5 - Kickball Night
Mar 11-17 - Spring Break
Mar 23 - Guys Night & Girls Night
Mar 24 - Prayer Breakfast at Team Berkey's
Apr 1 - Easter
Apr 7 - Photo Scavenger Hunt (evening)
Apr 9 - Soccer Night
Apr 14 - Youth Impact Pancake Breakfast/Serve at Still Creek Ranch
Apr 20-22 - Spring Camping Trip (will be in tents!)
Apr 29 (new date) - End of Spring Party at Cross Place
May 3 - Last Spring Junction (with Baptisms)
May 4 - Drive In Movie Night in Hockley
May 31 - Summer Junction Starts
June 9-15 - Summer Mission Trip to El Salvador with SHIP

*subject to change so please watch these dates


Recurring Events


Monday Sand Volleyball

Sand Volleyball - Bump, Set, Spike!
Mondays, 7:30 p.m. 

When weather permits, have some fun and a little healthy competition on the sand volleyball court at The Barracks!  Contact Tim Morgan for more info and watch the GYA GroupMe to see if folks are playing on any given Monday (probably won't start up again until close to Spring Break).


Board/Card Game Night!
Mondays, 7 p.m., Blue Baker on University

Bring your favorite board/card games to Blue Baker to play with friends and maybe buy a cookie!  Contact Amanda Austin for more info or to see if folks are playing on any given Monday (and watch the GroupMe too!).


Spring Bible Study

Grace Young Adults Spring Bible Study
Tuesday Nights

Join other fabulous young single adults in a small group Bible study called "Jesus is Better" this Spring!  Each group is led by our amazing GYA leaders--either Nathan Gober (mens group that meets from 7-9 p.m.), or Candace Cross and Kaylah Koch (womens group that meets from 6:30-8:30 p.m.). This 9-week, disciple-making study of the second half of Hebrews will equip you to connect in authentic community, grow in biblical truth and joyfully engage in helping others find and follow Jesus.  Both groups meet on Tuesdays at different homes.  Please register online here, and email one of the leaders, Candace Cross, at to let her know you are coming!  Location info will be sent after registration.

*There are also mens' and womens' multi-generational small group Bible studies on the book of Hebrews meeting this Spring at various times.  Please check here for more info.



JUNCTION - A Young Adults Gathering!
Thursday Nights from 7-9 p.m.


Who: Grace Young Adults or any 20/30s single young adult wanting to connect with others and grow spiritually (Anderson, Southwood, Creekside and even people not attending GBC are welcome!). Undergrads please check out Grace's college ministry!
What: Come relax and hang out with Team Berkey and some other amazing people! We will fellowship and have snacks, worship through song, listen to Tod teach from God's Word in applicable and challenging ways, then finish with small table groups for discussion and prayer. We also set up table groups to get together outside of Thursday nights for additional fellowship!  Folks stay at the same table for about six weeks to allow for community building and then we switch it up again.  New folks are placed at tables when they arrive so don't worry if you're new and don't know who to sit with--by the end of the evening you'll have new friends!
When: Thursday nights from 7-9ish p.m.
Where: Grace's Anderson campus in the College Auditorium at 701 Anderson Street (across the street from "big church")
Why: Why not? It will be a great time, so come on out, meet some new people, get connected and join the fun!

We want to reach all the young adults in the Brazos Valley no matter which church they attend, if any. SO COME, and BRING YOUR FRIENDS or other young adults you might know from school, work, the gym, grocery store, etc! smile We are praying and trusting God to do big things, and we'd love for you to be a integral part by praying for this ministry as well. Our greatest desire is to continue to provide relevant, challenging teaching that helps us mature in Christ AND provide opportunities for authentic community and meaningful fellowship. 

Here's the upcoming schedule for Junction (meets weekly Thursdays unless otherwise indicated):

     Mar 15 - No Junction (Spring Break)
     May 3 - Last Spring Junction with Baptisms
     May 31 - Summer Junction Begins

Listen/Watch Junction Talks ONLINE!

If you missed a Junction, here are video links to some of the messages.  More will be uploaded soon!

RELATE - A Relationship Series
November 3, 2016 - RELATE: Who Are You? Part One
- How you define and view yourself impacts every human interaction that you have, so, how do you define and view yourself? Is your view based on the world's thinking or is it based on the new creation given to us in Christ?
November 10,  2016 - RELATE: Who Are You? Part Two - How you define and view yourself impacts every human interaction that you have, so, how do you define and view yourself? Is your view based on the world's thinking or is it based on the new creation given to us in Christ?
December 8, 2016 - RELATE: Family - Heading home for the holidays means encounters with family and friends which can often cause tension. In this "Relate" session we briefly discuss that tension and ways to respond.
December 15, 2016 - The Rich Young Ruler - Mark 10:17-22
January 19, 2017 - RELATE: Others - Are Christians different in their words, actions and reactions? Does it matter? Why? During this session we look at why Christians are to be different and what that difference might look like.
February 24, 2017 - RELATE: Dating (What To Look For) - As a Christian, what are some things we might want to look for in a person to date?
March 2, 2017 - RELATE: Warning Signs When Dating - When we are looking to date a person, what are some warning signs/red flags we should be aware of to know if we should proceed or not?
March 9, 2017 - RELATE: Communication in Dating - Can God can be glorified through how we communicate in a dating relationship? Are we truthful? Do we speak this truth in love? Are we intentional? Does it matter?  We take a closer look at these items and more during this session.
March 23, 2017 - RELATE: Sex - During this session we explore God's view on sex and how it impacts our life. God has clearly revealed His thoughts and boundaries within the Bible, and are we willing to side with Him or demand that we know better? CAUTION: THIS MESSAGE WAS PRESENTED TO AN ADULT AUDIENCE and has adult content. ,
March 30, 2017 - RELATE: Marriage - While Junction focuses on reaching single young adults, it is wise for all of us to know what the Bible says about men and women's roles in marriage. During this session we explore what God asks of husbands and wives and then we examine what that those expectations might look like in a single person's life.
April 9, 2017 - RELATE: Q&A - We conclude the "RELATE: God and Others" series with answering many questions the young adults submitted, from telling people you date about your past to what's up with online dating.
April 2017 - John 9: Zero to Hero - The story of the blind boy in John 9 applies to us and impacts our lives as we learn about who he was and how Jesus healed him.

Ephesians Series
June 1, 2017 - Ephesians Intro and Eph 1:1-2
 - This summer at Junction we will work through the book of Ephesians. During this session we introduce the author, reader and overview of the book in a way that makes them accessible and relatable.
June 8, 2017 - Ephesians 1:3-14 - This summer at Junction we will work through the book of Ephesians. Paul loves long sentences and in this long thought Paul challenges his readers to praise God for a number of reasons - in this session we will look at a few of them.
June 15, 2017 - Ephesians 1:15-23 - This summer at Junction we will work through the book of Ephesians. Paul addresses the Ephesians reputation and reveals what his prayer for them is. These two things carried tremendous weight then and now. This session we explore how reputation and prayer ties into Paul's message to the Ephesians and how it can impact our life today.
June 22, 2017 - Ephesians 2:1-10 - This summer at Junction we will work through the book of Ephesians. During this session Paul explains a reality that we often reject and try to avoid - we are saved by grace through faith alone and not by works. Join in as we look at why this message is so critical to walking well with Jesus.
July 20, 2017 - Ephesians 4 - This summer at Junction we will work through the book of Ephesians. During this session we follow Paul as he gives some examples and characteristics of how life looks when we have a better grasp who God is and what He has done.
July 27, 2017 - Ephesians 5 - This session we dive into the truths communicated in Chapter 5.
August 3, 2017 - Ephesians 6 - In our last summer session of Junction, we dive into Chapter 6 of Ephesians and look at the armor of God.

#FollowJesus Series
August 31, 2017 - Community
- Authentic community is always desired but appears elusive to many. During this Fall Junction Kickoff, we explore why we have such a strong pull towards community, what it looks like and how to go about it.
September 7, 2017 - #FollowJesus Intro - During this series we will look into Christ's life and see how He interacted and responded to many of the high tension issues we face today.
September 14, 2017 - #Follow Jesus: Racism - During this session we explore God's view on racial diversity. Join us as we make stops in Genesis through Revelation showing that God's love and plan has always been to reach ALL people and ALL nations. Therefore any and all forms of racism stand against God and His heart for all.
September 21, 2017 - #FollowJesus: Money - Money is a topic that people always talk about but rarely dive into. Most of the time we talk about not having enough and how to get more. Rarely do we stop and ask deeper questions about it. Ultimately it comes down to the question, "Whose money is it?" There is a great difference between being the owner of money and being a steward of money. During this session we talk about this difference.
September 28, 2017 - #Follow Jesus: Politics - coming!
October 5, 2017 - #FollowJesus: Disappointment - Disappointments are a part of life. A relationship ends, a job is lost or sometimes healing doesn't come. But how do we respond to disappointments? During this session we will look at the story of Lazarus to glean some insight as to how to respond. Martha and Mary had no idea that Jesus was going to raise their brother Lazarus from the dead when He arrived. All they could see and feel was the hurt and disappoinment associated with the loss of their brother. Just like Martha and Mary we don't know exactly what God is doing or is planning on doing through those challenging seasons of life, but we can be certain that He hasn't left us.
October 13, 2017 - #FollowJesus: Outcasts - We live in a world where it often seems we create divisions and treat others as outcasts. This isn't new. How did Jesus respond to the outcasts? What can we learn from Him? During this session of Junction we look specifically at how we are to respond to not only those labeled as outcasts but to all people.
October 20, 2017 - #FollowJesus: Singleness - Our culture seems to value marriage over singleness, but God values holiness over marital status.  How do we follow Jesus in the season of singleness and what purposes might He have for us?
October 26, 2017 - #FollowJesus: Sexuality - coming soon!

For more  messages, check out Tod Berkey's You Tube channel.



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